The chamber choir Carmina Mundi was founded in 1983 by Harald Nickoll who is still its conductor in Aachen. Its ca. 40 highly motivated singers concentrate on a well-balanced sound in just intonation… More


Harald Nickoll was born in Aachen and studied choir and orchestra conducting, guitar and viola da gamba as majors as well as piano and singing at the conservatory of Rhineland… More


Around 40 singers give the choir Carmina Mundi its harmonious sound. Different backgrounds, professions and motives stand behind her commitment. But everyone carries the same passion for music… More

Sound Philosophy

A cappella vocals (singing without instruments) have the advantage that you can turn your back on the intonation system of the so-called “well-tempered tuning” (whose name sounds more beautiful than it itself is) and turn to the “pure tuning”… More


Special moments in the history of Carmina Mundi – captured in pictures… More


From its foundation in 1983 to the present day, the choir and its audiences experienced many special moments… More